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Tiffany Golden


“I have worked with children for a long time, and I have witnessed firsthand their magic and resilience. I wanted to create a legacy that holds them sacred, reminding us all of the true gift that they are, so they may be cherished. These stories are channeled out of complete love, inspired by individuals, and written with an open heart for the collective ‘we.’”



"I'm honored to be the key illustrator for the Midnight Story Series. Once I heard the narrative, I knew that the writing and message was in line with my own path, a much larger purpose than just another story.  I could feel the timelessness, timeliness and relevance to today's world connected and advanced by yesterday's wisdom. 

I could feel that we're plugged into this vortex of creative spirit equally and I'm excited to see what type of real time magic we can create and share with the world of readers. Know that I'm dancing in my underwear and transforming back into a 9 year old while making funny noises in preparation for this journey into the mystical land of Shina."

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