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The Midnight Story Series is a collection of children's chapter books focused on the journeys of Midnight, the Keeper of Dreams and Protector of Children, in the mystical land of Shina.


Midnight cares for the sleeping children of Shina as they sail down the Ndoto River, the river of dreams. During their slumber, Midnight empowers the children to work through their dreams, night time fears and scary beings.


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"She had the richest, blackest hair,

with the richest, blackest skin, and the richest, blackest eyes you ever did see..."


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Midnight and the Man
Who Had No Tears


Midnight meets Little Askari Red, who is joining Midnight for the first time. The dark cloud of sadness that consumes his house concerns Midnight, and his entire family must embark on a journey to find out why his angry father cannot show Little Askari any  kindness.

Midnight and Little
Girl Blue


With no sleep, Little Nalla Blue has avoided the thing she is most afraid of: the scary giant waiting to crush her inside her dream. After finally dozing off in Midnight’s gentle care, they both find out that the giant is the least of Little Nalla’s worries.

Special Editions and
Activity Books


The larger Special Edition books are designed for family/class style reading. The font used is created for readers with dyslexia, DYSLEXIE.

The accompanying Coloring & Activity Books made a great addition to your child's collection.  Puzzles, writing prompts, and coloring pages!

"...a beautiful tale of the importance of family, love and the innocence of childhood that is as meaningful for adults as it is for children."


Midnight and the Man Who Had No Tears

"...incredible imagination in this fun adventure story, with a fantastical spirit named Midnight."


Midnight and Little Girl Blue

For a Limited Time Only!!

Enjoy the first two stories of the Midnight Series in this large color edition. Great for family, bedtime, and classroom reads. This edition also uses the font DYSLEXIE, specifically designed for readers with dyslexia.

Great gift for your family this holiday season! $29.99 (8.5"x11", 136pp.)

Posters & More

Special Edition Posters

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